OLKB Planck 40% ortholinear keyboard.

Planck Rev. 4 PCB, gunmetal OLKB aluminum case, Cherry MX Brown switches, in-switch white LEDs, XDA Canvas keycaps Nyquist 60% split ortholinear keyboard.

Nyquist Rev. 2.1 PCB, black aluminium plate, 67g Purple Zealio V2 switches, in-switch white LEDs, OLKB Acute keycaps Nyquist 60% split ortholinear keyboard.

Nyquist Rev. 3 PCB, SP50 case, Halo True switches, SA Symbiosis R2 keycaps

KBDfans KBD75v2 75% keyboard.

Kbd75v2 case, brass weight, case foam, Silent Sky 2.2 clear top no slot switches

Wind Studio Wind x65 65% keyboard.

Wind x65 anodized black and orange case, brass weight, foam kit, Cow Switches (Uhmwpe), Gateron Ink V2 stabilizers, EnjoyPBT VOO keycaps

Lin Design Studio BOX 75 75% keyboard.

BOX 75 anodized matte black and PVD glossy black case, foam kit, keebwerk tacit. v2 switches, GMK stabilizers, HSA WoB keycaps

Salvun x Cutie Club Borsdorf 66% keyboard.

Borsdorf titanium grey case, Alps SKCM White Damped switches, Apple AEK stabilizers, ISO-IT AEK II (M3501) keycaps

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